Forgive and Forget?

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, “Forgive and forget.” That’s how we so often put it, right? If you’re going to forgive someone, then you’re going to forget the incident that’s happened that’s hurt you, offended you, or caused you trouble. After all, isn’t that how God works, after all He says, “For I will … More Forgive and Forget?

Evangelism is Easy

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Evangelism is easy. You don’t need to be a great debater, or a raconteur (a good storyteller). The first you’ve got to reconcile yourself with is: Religion is for the weak. Jesus died for sinners, those who can’t save themselves. If you need Jesus, you need to admit your … More Evangelism is Easy

Christmas Greeting

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, As I sit and look out my window in the office, it’s snowing. Quite hard, in fact. I rather like snow. I never fully realized that until I moved here where our winters are so mild and the snow never sticks around for more than a few weeks or … More Christmas Greeting