Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Sailors use the light of a lighthouse to guide them to find safe passage along treacherous shores, or as means to guide their ship to a safe harbour. Sometimes bars or clubs will use spotlights to guide people living in the big city to a big party or event. … More Epiphany


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, “Concerning confession they teach that private absolution should be retained in the churches…” (AC, XI) Contrary to popular belief, Lutherans do have private confession and absolution. It’s not a Roman Catholic thing, but a catholic thing, meaning that it is part of the universal church of all times and … More Confession


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Last month we spoke about how Martin Luther formed his catechism so that after laying down the law and gospel in the Ten Commandments and Apostles’ Creed, he moved on the Lord’s Prayer to discuss how God’s children come to their heavenly Father. This month we begin to talk … More Baptism