Intro to Stewardship

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Over the next several months, I would like to use these newsletters to go over an introductory look at stewardship. At my previous parish, I did a series of three workshops on the subject of stewardship called “Our Life in Christ.” Much of the material that will be presented … More Intro to Stewardship

The Our Father

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Martin Luther formatted his Catechism in a very particular way. One Medieval Roman Catholic handbook for Christians went through Apostles’ Creed, then the Commandments, then to Christian living, which included hearing Mass, praying the Our Father, the Ave Maria, or the like, and a guide on Christian childbearing and … More The Our Father

Ascension Day: Why?

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I’m writing this letter to you on the day after the Festival of the Ascension, which celebrates the day that Jesus ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of God the Father. It occurs 40 days after Easter (which always ends up being a Thursday), and then … More Ascension Day: Why?

The Numbers

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I found this on the web a little while ago from a brother in Christ, Pastor Johannes Nieminen, who shepherds a dual parish in Melville and Neudorf, Saskatchewan. Numbers are so much of what drives so much of our world, but we give thanks to God that numbers are … More The Numbers